Trivia Tuesday: What is the national currency of Zambia?

what-is-the-national-currency-of-zambiaIf you have 100 ngwee, you would have one kwacha.

The kwacha is one of the world’s most inflatedĀ currencies. Currently $1 AUD = 5, 161.40 ZMK.

To give you some idea of the immense purchasing power of the kwacha, 25, 000 ZMK will buy you 15 minutes of glacial dial-up internet access; an exchange that requires about 15 notes and a fair amount of patience.

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  1. aims says:

    It was fun using the kwacha – you got to feel rich carrying around fistfuls of cash and even saying it was fun ”I’ll give you forty thousand kwacha and my pumas for that elephant statue”

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