Trivia Tuesday: What was New Zealand’s ‘Shrek’?

what-was-new-zealands-shrek‘Shrek’ was a sheep that went walkabout and was discovered in a cave three years after he disappeared.

6 Responses to “Trivia Tuesday: What was New Zealand’s ‘Shrek’?”
  1. First Husband says:

    Sadly Shrek died last month. Also his fleece sold for $150,000 which went to charity.

    Cool sheep.

  2. First Husband says:

    There are also childrens books and toys based on him. Interestingly, he also earned more than the All Blacks did for public appearances.

  3. That’s one exceptional sheep! Complete with golden fleece no less!

  4. mel says:

    Yous sure know a lot about that sheep, Steve.

  5. mel says:

    And yes, I totally meant to type ‘yous’ – as in ‘ewes’. Um, not really.

  6. First Husband says:

    I do love my sheep Mel…

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