Stuck in Customs

One of my number one favourite redheads sent me a link to this blog to cheer me up (I am having a craptacular week).

Check out Stuck in Customs for an escape into a world of exceptional photography.

Here’s a relevant quote that I like: ‘Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.’ Ansel Adams

And he was a full-time photographer!

Have you taken a surprising photo lately? Care to share? I would love to start publishing your favourite travel pics so if you’re up for it, please send them through to emma(at)shegoes(dot)com(dot)au

One Response to “Stuck in Customs”
  1. Emma Lovell says:

    I’ll share the blogger love!

    Great quote! My friend has just joined Twitter and she’s a photographer so I’ll def be shooting this on over to her x

    (hope you feel better petal)

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