ethspagnolI have an optimism problem. It’s getting to the point where my colleagues are making fun of me because my standard response is, ‘It’s easy!’.

When I started Spanish lessons with the beautiful Ana at The Spanish Cat, I thought I would nail it. Not only was I going to breeze through the classes, I was going to be fluent within six months.

You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that Spanish is hard. There are verbs to conjugate, masculine and feminine words and diphthongs that are a complete mystery to my high-pitched squeak.

Despite the inherent brain-hurting difficulty of learning a new language, I am determined to understand Penelope Cruz in Pedro Almodovar films. Not only that, I am planning to order things off the menu in the Americas and figure out which bano I am supposed to be using but until then, I am relying on to help me brush up on my Spanish jokes, words and phrases. I highly recommend it if you are learning Spanish (and are sucking at it, like me).

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Have you ever learnt a language? How did that work out for you?

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  1. Ha, don’t talk to me about Spanish. I heard it was ‘one of the easiest languages’ to learn. Well, I’ve done beginners and first level at Sydney Uni’s centre for continuing education, with a fantastic teacher, all in preparation for a trip I did at Xmas to Spain, and then South America. I labelled every item in Spanish around the house, photocopied verb conjugations on the back of the loo door and downloaded every Spanish app known to man on my phone. Oh, I also bought an ‘ear worm’ for my ipod so I could listen to Spanish conversations while I was walking anywhere.
    I was quite happy with my progress, until I actually arrived on Spanish speaking soil. Confident it would all suddenly ‘click’, I actually got worse. (In Chile sales girls were killing themselves as I tried to find the words for ‘can i try this on’.) By the end of a month, I was ignoring my phrase book and letting my near-fluent partner get us out of every foreign language jam. Now I’m home. Haven’t had a spare second to open my Spanish in 3 Months book (bought in desperation) or book my Level 2 Spanish. Meanwhile, the days creep on and it’s all filtering out of my brain.
    Will try that Spanish word of the day – I need all the help I can get…!

  2. Lisa says:

    You are awesome! I love learning languages, too – the more brain-taxing, the better (as long as I don’t have to do homework – once-a-week night school conversation class is all I can manage).

    I did two years of Italian – all of which I’ve forgotten, but I loved doing it – and am keen to start up Japanese again. All of these stay with us to some degree, even if it’s just an extra level of comprehension we didn’t have before. Even my high school French comes in handy sometimes!

    I find one language unlocks the door to others…I spoke Portuguese in my teens so I find it much easier to pick up Spanish and Italian…not that I’d recommend mixing your languages as the wrong word will come out just when you need it most!

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