Give a girl the world this Christmas: NP Set beautyliciousness

give-a-girl-the-world-this-christmas-np-set-beautyliciousnessThere are some major perks that come with being a blogger. Notwithstanding the huge financial rewards (OK, that was clearly a joke), I do get sent some pretty fabulous things to try out from time to time.

The most recent delivery came from Napoleon Cosmetics for the launch of their new NP Set range.

Q: How on God’s green earth does that relate to travel?

A: The products are named after countries and cities around the world. I received Buenos Aires Liquid Veil (RRP $30), Paris Black eyeliner (RRP $22), a Tokyo Eye Palette (RRP $30), a Brazil Show Loose Dust Duo (RRP $35), Luscious Lip Shine in Marrakesh, Noosa, Cairns and Honolulu, as well as Faux Eyelashes.

So what did I think? Well, considering that I have oily skin, squinty eyes and a bit of a sweating problem, these products performed admirably.

  • The eyeliner stayed on my eyelids, as opposed to above my eyes which results in a look I call ‘surprised panda’.
  • The eyeshadow has a pleasing metallic glint without making me look like my mother circa 1972.
  • The shades of the lip glosses looked a bit scary when they were in the tube but were much more subtle on the lips. I think teenagers would love this stuff.
  • The Show Loose Dust Duo confused the bejeezus out of me and resulted in a look that can only be described as Gary Glitter Goes to the Disco. I think it would be wise to read one of the tutorials on the Napoleon site before you go crazy with this one.
  • I rarely wear foundation because it upsets the delicate sensibilities of my highly strung epidermis but in the interests of research, I gave the Liquid Veil a go on the back of my hand. This is essentially liquid bronzer and should be used sparingly unless you want to look like a go-go dancer from the cast of Goldfinger. I think it’s more ‘big night out’ than ‘9am at the office’ so save this for party time.
  • The Faux Eyelashes were my absolute favourite. They were ultra-glam, easy to apply and stayed on for hours without budging. They are the closest thing I am ever going to get to looking like Dita Von Teese and I adored them.

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? Have you finished all your shopping or are you planning a last minute stealth attack?

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