Jaipur Sweets, Elizabeth St, Sydney

jaipur-sweets-elizabeth-st-sydneyThe next best thing to being in a country is finding a restaurant that excels at its cuisine.

On my bus ride to work in the morning, I pass African, Turkish, Italian, Peruvian and even Scandanavian restaurants (try the Viking Glogg – it’s just like mulled wine but with sultanas in it – yum!).

Now, I have never been to India but my friend Laura has just recently returned from a trip to Mumbai and she fell in love with a style of eating called thali (essentially India’s answer to a bento box).

When you order, thali-style, you receive a range of different curries, rice, yoghurt, salad, pickle, roti, pappadums and even dessert, if you’re lucky. Apparently if you run out of something, there is a specific hand signal for each of the different dishes. Make the sign; get more delicious curry *makes Live Long and Prosper sign*. Awesome.

I have never had a thali before so it was with great delight that we ventured in to Jaipur Sweets on Elizabeth St in Sydney. Do not be fooled by the name; they serve a really wide variety of foods there – not just sweets.

The day we were there (a Friday), it was packed out. Unsure of what to order, I had a bit of a stalkerish peek at everyone’s else’s meals and eventually ask the guy next to me what he is eating. The answer is Punjabi Thali (vegetarian). Lacking imagination, I copy him and order the same thing.

It turns out that he is a smart man and I wind up with one massive metal plate (I think platter is the technical term) piled high with all of the aforementioned items. The dahl is my favourite, followed closely by the dessert which is a chunk of a chocolate halva-like sweet. Mmmm.

Next time you’re in Sydney, do yourself a favour and go to the next-best-thing-to-Mumbai – http://www.jaipursweets.com/

Note: Today’s photo is of some of the Indian sweet selection … for later …

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  1. Nicki says:

    Looks amazing. I might grab my vego friend and feast out!

    Thx for the tip!

  2. WP Themes says:

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