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tipster-tuesdayIn the true spirit of community, I bring you Tipster Tuesday!

Got a question about a travel destination? If so, please post a comment at the end of this story and everyone … yes, that means you …  will attempt to answer everybody else’s questions throughout the week.

But first, some housekeeping.

When you ask a question, please write QUESTION at the beginning of your post.

When you answer a question, please make sure you write ANSWER and then the person’s name that you’re replying to at the beginning of your post. Otherwise, it might get a little confusing.

Finally, it would be great if you can answer from first-hand experience. We want to know what you know!

So, without further ado …

QUESTION: Where should The Future Husband and I go for dinner when we’re in Melbourne this Saturday night? (We’re staying at the Sofitel on Collins).

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  1. Steph says:

    QUESTION: I’m going to be spending a month or so in London this June. Are there any must-do’s or see’s I should know about? (apart from the major attractions of course).

  2. Kristy says:

    ANSWER Emma – Ezard at the Adelphi Hotel is AMAZING, gorgeous, sophisticated. Event the salt is out of this world. If you go there, you’ll know what I mean! And, while it’s a little pricey, it’s definitely not over the top.

  3. Kristy says:

    QUESTION: What is the best and most value-for-money campervan hire company? I’m after a really good, SPACIOUS, reliable campervan that isn’t ridiculously expensive, but also won’t leave us stranded hours from civilisation somewhere in outback WA.

  4. Bev Malzard says:

    A fab restaurant to go to on Saturday night in Melbourne is Seamstress – a four storey, cool place that you must book for. It’s at 113 Lonsdale St Melb. Check out

  5. admin says:

    I have heard about that! I will definitely have to check it out.

  6. admin says:

    I am so going there. I wonder how many meals I can cram into 24 hours?!

  7. Lisa O says:

    ANSWER Emma – It might be a little out of your way but if you find youself on Chapel Street I highly recommend Borsch Vodka & Tears for a little Polish food and vodka action: Their cocktail and vodka lists are literally pages and pages long and my sister’s Polish boyf swears the food is beaten only by his mother’s! I am already planning a repeat visit next month 🙂

  8. Lisa O says:

    ANSWER Steph – In June you should get at least a few days of sunshine so do as Londoners do and head straight to Hampstead Heath to soak up the rays before they disappear! The Heath is massive so you can easily while away an afternoon walking around the beautiful grounds (great views of the city from the hill). Afterwards head to one of London’s best beer gardens at The Spaniard: (hmm, I’m noticing an alcoholic trend in my recommendations here!)

  9. Pete says:

    hey, my pezzas and sis totally recommend this tram restaurant that drives (trams?) around the city while you dine. sounds quite cheesy and touristy but apparently it’s a fantastic experience and very atmospheric. given you’ve only got a weekend up your sleeves, why not keep seeing things while you’re eating? at least it will be unique and memorable. it might be a little pricey and you may need to book – maybe look into it? p

  10. mel says:

    ANSWER – Kristy – I’ve never actually hired a campervan but I like the look of these (well, I like the artwork on the sides, and who needs comfort and space when you’ve got a cute 50s-style chick on your van? Okay, most people, but it’s still worth a look…)

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