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tipster-tuesday-2Tipster Tuesday is back!

Today’s question comes from one of our intrepid contributors.

QUESTION: Does anyone have any recommendations for places/things to see/do in San Francisco and LA? – Melanie

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Ask/answer away folks!

8 Responses to “Tipster Tuesday”
  1. Rachel says:

    Answer Melanie – San Francisco is a gorgeous city, even if the weather can be a bit temperamental. I recommend Pier 39 which is part of the Fisherman’s wharf area. There are heaps of little shops and restaurants to choose from, my friends and I had a great time at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co (inspired by the film Forrest Gump). Alcatraz is worth a visit if you’re interested in history, and the view from the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge back towards the city is pretty impressive.

  2. Genevieve Frew says:

    Answer Melanie – Oh my gosh, there is so much to do there. We were just there in January (for 4 nights only at the end of a cruise) and I cannot wait to go back to have a full holiday there. Chinatown is great; Pier 39 is great too, but so are all the piers along the waterfront. We hired bikes and cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge and back – sensational – but didn’t have time to go to Sausalito but will do that next time. You can hire Segways and tour the waterfront; you can also hire amazing little yellow cars (must run on a lawnmower engine or something) and you can drive on the road with them – they have something to do with the Exploratorium, which is a great science museum, along the lines of the Powerhouse Musuem in Sydney – great hands-on fun for kids and adults alike.
    Union Square is great for shopping too – really the list is endless, and you can ride around all day on the cable cars and Muni buses, that look like they are from the 1930s.
    Can’t wait to go back there – so am envious if you are going there. Also, Union Street cable car takes you past Lombard Street (the famous windy road used in lots of Hollywood movies) and there are restaurants galore along that route too.

  3. mel says:

    Oh man, that all sounds great! I was pretty ambivalent about SF but you have both actually made me excited about it. I’m adding your suggestions to my list of things to do… thanks heaps!

  4. Cousin Mick says:

    ANSWER – Well Mel, Ive never been, but I’ve always been a big fan of the whole beat generation /hippie movement.
    If I were you i’d be seeking out some bad beat poetry, delivered in some dimly lit basment by some cool cat in a beret!
    but that’s just me…when i go to SF i want everyone wearing flowers in their hair

  5. SheriB says:

    Answer Melanie LA- its all about re-visiting the architectural dreams of the twentieth century: Pasadena and the Gamble House(great bookshop); the stripped back modernism of the Schindler House, the beachside panache of the transparent Ray Eames House, not to mention Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House and the Ennis Brown House (if it hasn’t slid down the hill by now). A day cruising on the other side of the road with a good map and you’ll get a taste, but check which houses are open in advance. If you only have a short stop over, take Santa Monica Boulevard from LAX to the glowing palace on the hill -Richard Meier’s Getty Centre- an extraordinary collection, an international institution, but best of all an unforgetable modern garden by Robert Irwin- all free and a great place to view the smoggy LA sunset….

  6. Sarah says:

    There is so much to see and do in LA!! It’s such a fun city, if you’re willing to explore.

    A cheap, fun idea is to go to Venice beach and have brunch, and then hire a bike (it’s $7 for an hour) and ride along the winding beach.

    Also – Manns Chinese Theatre/Hollywood and Highland. It’s where the Kodak Theatre is (Oscars!!) and there’s loads of great shopping, and the sundaes across the road at the Disney Store are TO DIE FOR! You can also see the hollywood sign from there..

    Rodeo Drive is another must, along with sight-seeing throughout Beverly Hills. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!! Also Sunset Blvd, Melrose for shopping, Universal Studios, Disneyland, The Ivy for lunch, and you could catch a taping of a show… So much fun!

    I wasn’t wild about San Fran, my favourite thing to do there was Alcatraz 🙂

  7. Genevieve Frew says:

    Answer Melanie – I have just been there, in January, sadly for only 4 days. There is so much to do I cannot wait to return and spend an entire holiday there, rather than just the last stop before flying home.
    Pier 39 is great, but so are all the piers along the waterfront. We hired bicycles and rode across the Golden Gate bridge (and back) but ran out of time to cycle all the way to Sausalito (as advised by bicycle hire people). From there you can put the bikes on a ferry and return to the San Francisco wharf.
    To look around the bay and pier areas, you can also hire Segways and very cute little cars that must run on two-stroke motors – they come from the Exploratorium – a hands-on science museum akin to Melbourne’s Scienceworks and Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum.
    Don’t forget to look at the seals at the pier, have some clam chowder, then catch the cable cars or Muni buses around the city. The Hyde Street cable car takes you past Lombard Street, which is the very steep, windy road used in lots of movies, and there are loads of great restaurants in Hyde Street too.
    Have fun; I’m jealous.

  8. Genevieve Frew says:

    Answer Melanie – sorry about doing that twice, but needed to amend some of my details – was so excited I got the street names wrong…

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