Top travel sites by Melanie Mahoney

top-travel-sites-by-melanie-mahoneyTop travel sites

By Melanie Mahoney

(Prelude: It goes without saying that She Goes belongs on – nay, tops – this list. These are the best of the rest.)

Step 1: Book your trip

Looking for a dirty weekend, last minute holiday, or just a fun local activity? Browse  for the best offers from around the web, and sign up to their newsletter to get the Travelzoo Top 20 delivered to your inbox every Wednesday. Sure, most weeks you’ll just sigh and think, ‘If only…’, but you never know what treasure will turn up at just the right time, or what might inspire your next trip.

Step 2: Find your seat

Some people like sitting in the plane’s rear: it’s close to the toilets, the hosties are right there, and you’re conveniently near the exit should everything go tits up. Others, however, would rather stab themselves in the cloaca than sit so close to the bustling loos and the ever-chattering staff. But with the internet magic of, you’ll never be stuck in the wrong seat again! Enter your flight number, airline or route, and you’ll get a colour-coded map of your plane showing the good, poor and standard seats (it also details where the best leg room is, and where the overhead TVs are). Then just contact your airline to organise your oh-so-suitable seat…

Step 3:  Pack well

I recently helped a friend pack for a camping/safari holiday, and as we decided she didn’t really need a pair of ‘going out thongs’ as well as plain black ones, I remembered, all too late, Based on ‘the art and science of travelling light’, the site espouses the joys of writing a list of what you really need, then sticking to it. It gives ideas on what to take, packing tips, and instructions on ‘bundle wrapping’, a technique less likely to cause wrinkles than folding or even rolling your clothes. After all, the last thing you need while trekking through the jungle is wrinkled clothes.

Step 4: Enjoy your trip

Then come back and tell SheGoes all about it…

4 Responses to “Top travel sites by Melanie Mahoney”
  1. The One Bag site is an excellent resource! I send it to my friends that can’t keep themselves from over-packing.

  2. Pete says:

    also loving the onebag link! am chronic over-packer…

  3. Very nice!! there is so much information on this blog keep posting good information like this so that I can come back every day for some new info…Travel Oh Travel

  4. John Farrell says:

    Thanks for sharing these websites.

    I was inspired by to create

    I started collections packing lists from people who only travel with one bag to hopefully inspire others to travel lighter and enjoy the freedom from not bringing a checked roller bag.

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