Win tickets to the Bondi Bergstation at the Bondi Winter Magic Festival

win-tickets-to-the-bondi-bergstation-at-the-bondi-winter-magic-festivalWant to go ice skating at Bondi Beach? Umm, sure, and then we’ll fly to the moon on the back of a big, sparkly unicorn and the stars will turn into Torville & Dean and the whole cast of Glee will sing ‘Like a Prayer’. Wha-hey!

Sounds a bit ‘kooky dream sequence’ but the first part, at least, is possible.

After a sell-out season in Sydney last year, The Winter Festival organisers have wizarded up the ‘Bondi Bergstation’ at Bondi Beach from July 16th – 25th, 2010.

You: WTF is a ‘Bergstation’?

Me: The German word ‘Bergstation’ refers to the highest spot reachable by snow transports (ski lifts, cable car etc) in alpine ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Mountain terminology aside, there will be a 600m2 outdoor ice rink overlooking the ocean. This will sit inside an authentic European style ski village complete with its own original Alpine Ski Hut.

Tickets for the Ice Rink are $17 + $5 skate hire for adults and $12 + $5 skate hire for children.

But you know what? The delightful people at Bondi Bergstation are giving you the chance to win 3 x double passes to the ice skating rink simply by telling us what your favourite Winter activity is. All you need to do is comment at the bottom of this post and they will choose the winner based on a highly scientific process. Mush, mush …

5 Responses to “Win tickets to the Bondi Bergstation at the Bondi Winter Magic Festival”
  1. My favorite winter activity is sitting around in my comfy clothes with nice warm slippers on, sitting by the open fire with a glass of red wine cuddled up to my husband watching the cold outside and talking about how we will solve the problems of the world!

  2. Cousin Mick says:

    Drinking Gluvine by the fire!
    …oh yeah..and snowboarding!
    (how could i forget?)

  3. Elly says:

    I love big glasses of red wine, giant schnitzels so big they practically fall off the plate, open log fires, furry hats, ugg boots and good friends. And yes I do mean all at the same time!

  4. Rachel says:

    I tend to hibernate during winter although I try not to become a hermit. My favourite winter memory is of a Christmas Day a few years ago when my sister and I spent the day walking through Central Park in New York. It was a clean crisp day but brutally cold to a couple of Australians who were used to summer Christmases. After wandering around the park we went to the iconic ice rink and attempted to relive some favourite movie moments like in Serendipity, but neither one of us will becoming professional skaters anytime soon. But since that was a once in a lifetime day, I now happily spend my winters at home snuggled under a rug and watching my movies eating a large bowl of homemade soup.

  5. Margie says:

    I love to cook. Being in the kitchen is warmth for the tummy, body, mind and soul. And sharing the fruits of my winter labour with friends and family. I also love to snuggle.

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