Where am I Wednesday?

where-am-i-wednesday-20Hint: Russell Crowe.

That is all.


4 Responses to “Where am I Wednesday?”
  1. Jeff says:

    Err Nana Glen near coffs?

  2. Rachel says:

    Ooohhh do you mean Rusty’s home town in New Zealand, could it be some random location he has filmed a movie, or is it where he’s got property on the north coast. It certainly isn’t where he lives in Sydney.
    I have no idea so I’m going to guess Sawtell

  3. Cousin Mick says:

    …is it the mighty Bellinger river? if so I almost drowned your brother in law Timmy there earlier this year..

  4. admin says:

    Jeff and Cousin Mick – you are both almost right. It’s the Nymboida River, just outside the Museum of Interesting Things

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