East Hotel

East Hotel, Canberra

I am a little bit in love. We only just met but I think it’s going to be quite the affair.

The first thing I noticed was the Nespresso machine in Room 523. ‘You’re a caffeine addict too, Mr East?’, I wonder.

Then I see the furnishings; the teal, mustard, grey and blue colour scheme, the framed photography. ‘You like Copenhagen design, Mr East?’. I am getting a little light-headed.

East Hotel
Mr East is a very stylish dude

The bathroom is all zen-like frosted glass and Source body products that smell like real things; lemons, bergamot, cyprus and black pepper.

The beds are fluffy, thousand-count newness, the balcony is a perfect spot for drinking the local Riesling that’s stashed in the fridge and the kitchenette has a cook top. A COOK TOP. ‘Mr East,’ I exclaim.’You’re so thoughtful!’

The mini-bar is stocked with local, organic goodies that have been carefully selected for their individual awesomeness; not some evil corporate cost-cutting exercise in over-charging people for crappy crap.

Down in the lobby there are lolly jars with free-for-all Minties, Fantales and lollipops, a ‘newsagency’ with all the latest special interest mags, iced lemon and mint water, a free business centre and hipster pushbikes guests can loan willy-nilly.

There’s also 100MB of free wi-fi data per guest, per day. No stingy, irritating firewalls to contend with.

OX restaurant and bar is like something straight out of Helsinki. The breakfast is a European-style self serve buffet of meats, cheese, fresh fruit including berries (impressed), a selection of breads and yoghurt. There are rumours of eggs but I can’t find them. ‘Why don’t you invite me ova,’ I joke.

I was lucky enough to peek into the conference and meeting rooms too. Mr East has a wicked collected of records in The Vinyl Room and a foosball table in The HQ Room. Everywhere you look. he’s playing with you.

I love you Mr East. I really love you.

East Hotel

69 Canberra Ave, Kingston, Canberra ACT

T +61 2 6295 6925  |  E experience@easthotel.com.au










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