I bought a vintage caravan

i-bought-a-vintage-caravanThis was not a smart financial decision but just look at it…


What’s not to love?

I am going to do it up and then we can all go on a retro road trip together. Maybe we can even go back in time?

Incidentally, does anyone know a good caravan mechanic? Or someone who owns a truck? The downside to this absurd purchase is that Bondwood, as it shall now be known, lives in Mansfield, Victoria.

5 comments on “I bought a vintage caravan

  1. ooooh Em, when is the crafternoon to make up the soft furnishings? Its about time I flexed my nanna skills.
    I think you should repaint it a sheeny silver with white lightening bolt down the side. Like the one in gilbert grape?

  2. Well that’s the honeymoon all worked out eh???
    PS – if it’s any consolation my dear dear parents began their married life living in a vehicle not dissimilar to this…… And almost 60 years of marital bliss followed.
    You are too cool for school and this has cheered up my morning – you nutter!!

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