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Radelaide: Get on it

It’s funny that people think that Adelaide is somehow less fun than Sydney or Melbourne.

I mean, they make wine there. LIKE WIZARDS.

I went on a little Barossa adventure about two years ago and got messed up in the best possible way. Two words: winemaker dinner. If you make friends in the wine regions – and you will because everyone is so damn friendly – put away your car keys. You will not be walking anywhere in a straight line for quite some time.

It turns out Adelaide is leading the trend toward wacky bars serving crafty beers, wine dudes demystifying the la-dee-da and festivals where everyone is letting their backbones (and their morals) slip.

Here’s a cute little promo video that illustrates what’s going on over there. Fun, non?

This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

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