Top Sydney swimming spots

top-sydney-swimming-spotsOne of my favourite things about flying into Sydney is looking down on all the backyards and seeing the pools – blue, green, kidney-shaped, round; the perfect highlight to all that brick and tile.

Before summer packs up it’s sunscreen and leaves for another year, I thought I would share my top five favourite swimming spots with you (and ask you to do the same):

1. Bronte Beach ocean baths

Muscle your way into a lane between the old codgers that monopolise this popular pool and you will be treated to a perfect Sydney view of sandstone cliffs, cerulean sea and the carnival colours of the beach. For some reason, the water is always freakishly cold so brace yourself!

2. The pool at Vibe Rushcutters

With a perfect view over a Sydney Harbour, this sparkly rooftop pool offers privacy without pretentiousness (antonym: Ivy Pool). While it’s a guests-only facility, Vibe is currently running an accommodation package that includes overnight accommodation, buffet breakfast for two and late check at midday and one Summer Vibe Towel from $189. Cheap, cheerful and oh-so-cool.

3. Red Leaf at Double Bay

Set next to a beautiful, leafy park, Red Leaf is the perfect place to enjoy a view of the harbour from the safety of a shark-netted harbour pool. A great place to play ‘Are those boobs real?’ and eat a Calippo in the sun.

4. Clovelly Beach

Pack your snorkel and explore the magical world below the surface. There is a giant blue grouper that lives in Clovelly Bay, as well as reef sharks and loads of harmless little fish. Then, when you’ve had enough of the water, head up the hill to the Clovelly Hotel for a beer overlooking the water.

5. Random beach near Brighton-Le-Sands

I would like to be able to tell you the name of this place but the best I can do is ‘south of Dolls Point’. This somewhat neglected beach is a fantastic place to go for a quick dip. You can always get a park and you will be one of about 10 people on the beach. There are no waves, the water is clean and it’s quiet (well, apart from the occasional plane flying overhead). Yes, this beach overlooks Sydney Airport which is not an issue if you’re as short-sighted as me.

Tell me, semi-aquatic mammals, where are your favourite swimming spots?

5 comments on “Top Sydney swimming spots

  1. Great suject and I love Clovelly too. I’m fond of Victoria Park pool, been swimming there since I was a kid – very inner west. Also, Dawn Fraser pool at Birchgrove and a bit out of Sydney the ocean pool in Newcastke – sublime . . .

  2. Actually, I do most of my swimming away from Sydney, usually when we’re all away on some holiday up the coast.

    I recall one time when were staying at Pearl Beach, and a bunch of y’all were staying in one big holiday house, but because I got there last I was staying in one across the road by myself (which turned out to be awesome, btw). And at the end of the first night, at about 2 in the morning, I stumbled across the road to go home, and that is when I heard waves crashing. The ocean was about 50 metres down the road. And some sort of primitive Darwinistic urge crept up inside me, and I simply changed trajectory, and walked towards the ocean, and kept walking until I was in it. Probably the greatest swimming experience of my life.

    Alas, given that I’d had a few I feel the need to point out: Kids, that was dangerous of me. Don’t drink and swim.

    But it was fun.

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