We will remember them

we-will-remember-themANZAC Day is sad.

It makes me think about suffering and destruction and The Last Post always makes me cry. Despite the fact that my life has been blessedly free from war, I imagine the pain of the people who have been touched by it’s cold, bloody hands.

Like many Australians, both of my grandfathers fought in World War II; one in Papua New Guinea and the other one in Europe for the Polish army. After the war, he became a displaced person and never saw his family again. Can you imagine what that must be like?

I recently visited the National Vietnam Veterans Museum on Phillip Island and was not only impressed by the amount of memorabilia this old aircraft hangar houses, but also genuinely surprised by my reaction to it.

One of my Dad’s best friends was killed in Vietnam. I never met Doug (he died before I was born) but I still felt horrified for him and for the Vietnam Vets who returned to Australia only to find themselves at the centre of public outrage.

The ANZAC Day long weekend this year is a great excuse to jump in the car and go on a little mini-break but I gently urge you all to observe ANZAC Day, wherever you may be. To find a service near you, please visit this link.

As Benjamin Franklin said, ‘There never was a good war or a bad peace.’

What do you do for ANZAC Day?  Bake ANZAC biscuits? Raid the neighbours’ rosemary bush? Play two-up at the local RSL?

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  1. I didn’t get up to much, but I saw an interesting comment in one of the many forums about what ANZAC day means:

    “In my mind ANZAC Day is not a day to glorify war, rather a day to recognise the sacrifice of the ordinary soldier, the incompetence of some of their commanders and the bloodlust of the polticians who are happy to have these young blokes do their dirty work for them, but never go near an angry man themselves.”

    I’d pretty much agree.

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