21 things to do before I die

I could put down sensible stuff like ‘get out of debt’ or ‘sort out my will’ but here’s what I really want to do:

  1. Have a ridiculous night out in New York City; the kind of night that ends with you feeling dazed, surrounded by strangers and wondering where your left shoe went.

    Sweden ja?
  2. Sleep in a cave in Cappadocia, Turkey. The mountains with the caves are called ‘fairy chimneys’. Need I say more?
  3. Which brings me to playing Titania in Midsummer Night’s Dream. I want to be the Queen of the Fairies, goddammit.
  4. Eat at Tetsuya’s
  5. Drink Champagne in Champagne
  6. Walk the Overland Track in Tasmania, preferrably with someone carrying my pack and cooking my meals because I’m lazy like that
  7. Have dinner with Richard Branson. I imagine that he would be a big old flirt and we would laugh a lot.
  8. Go hiking in Scandinavia in summer
  9. Wear a stupendous couture dress to a glittery ball
  10. Find an opportunity to perform a feather fan burlesque dance. Maybe my 60th birthday party to horrify my family?
  11. Visit the great gardens of the world
  12. Plant my own truly great garden …
  13. … that will be dug up by my pack of adorable hounds
  14. Hug Lena Dunham. She’s done a lot for feminism.
  15. Hug Julia Gillard. She’s also done a lot for feminism.
  16. Write things that are worth reading, maybe even a book
  17. Learn art techniques and have an exhibition of my work one day
  18. Own a cabin or yurt somewhere natural and beautiful
  19. Go sailing around the Mediterranean and go skinny dipping
  20. Eat myself senseless in Italy during the summertime
  21. Get a tattoo of wildflowers up my right outer thigh

What do you really want to do? Forget all the practical, selfless stuff. Tell me your wildest dreams!

4 comments on “21 things to do before I die

  1. If these plans require co-riders, count me in for #1, 3 ( a themed birthday bash removes the need to learn all those pesky lines…), and 5.

    Also very happy to come visit your summer yurt. xx

  2. Reading the first entry on the list reminded me of this article i read in holidaysforcouples.travel entitled New York Like a Local. It was all about rooftop bars and “Secret bars with a speakeasy vibe and killer bespoke cocktails.” Sounded spectacular! 😀

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