Mount Annan Botanic Garden

Camden, NSW

Mount Annan Botanic Garden
The wildflower meadow at Mount Annan Botanic Garden

It’s taken me a while to write this.

I wasn’t sure about Camden at first.

It’s supremely weird moving from a tiny apartment in the city – complete with yell-y crazy¬†neighbour, sparkly city lights, ambient bus noise and a fancy cafe on the doorstep – to a giant house in the country.

Bridgewater is one of those suburbs with a lot of hedges, Range Rovers (for the wives) and Utes (for the husbands). Camden has a surprising number of beauty salons. Miss World could be held here without interruption to regular service.

I was really lonely for the first couple of weeks. Our new house is cold and quiet and hanging out with a baby all day doesn’t really cut it on the social front.

I filled my days with nesting, and gardening, and freelance work, and a uni course.

I was still lonely but at least I was busy.

And then I ran out of things to do.

All the flatpack was assembled. All the seeds were sewn. All the hooks were attached to the walls.

So I had a week of looking around, and that’s when I started to love it. I went to Belgenny Farm, the first farm of the colony. I walked around Mount Annan Botanic Garden which is in full wildflower bloom. I went to Books and Bubs at Camden library, and hung around to check out the museum where I met a lovely gentleman who enthused about the many historical gems of the region.

I walked along the river (boring). I walked around the suburb (also boring). I looked into events in the local area (exciting).

It’s a month in now and we’ve had lots of visitors – friends¬†who have braved the M5 and GPS roulette to find us, and family who have popped in for a meal. This helps more than I can express; welcoming people makes it feel like home.

I am starting to get the hang of it and I am starting to love it.

Life in the country. Another new beginning.





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