Couples viewing


Is this a new phenomenon? The mutual pleasure of loving a TV show so much that it becomes central to your relationship?

The Spark and I have enjoyed many box sets and, in an alarmingly truthful moment, he once said that watching TV together is what we do best.

That sounds kinda lame, right? That taking our assigned corners of the couch and staring at the telly is what we excel at.

It’s also the truth.

My husband and I have very little in common when it comes to worldly interests. I like reading. He likes sport. I like art. He likes sport.

The list of things we have in common is very short: we both love drinking, eating and watching stuff together (so long as it’s not sport). We both got addicted to My Kitchen Rules.

We share many values, hopes and dreams. We laugh at the same things. We’re both crazy about our son. But when it comes to spending time together, our secret shame is that watching a new season of Game of Thrones is pretty much our favourite thing to do.

Do you engage in couples viewing? And do you have any shows you would recommend? We’re not watching anything at the moment and life feels a little bit duller for it.




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