dead flowers


dead flowersDoubt is poisonous to happiness.

It will eat the heart out of a flower in bud.

I had this experience recently when I was dating a guy who was confused about what he wanted. He claimed to want me but also wanted to try and sort things out with his wife (they’re separated).

We went from being happy to completely miserable overnight. Doubt had crept into the equation.

Uncertainty is an inevitable part of life; that painful waiting period where we don’t know if we got the job, don’t know if the guy loves us, don’t know what the test results will be.

Is there a way of integrating doubt and uncertainty into your life without it destroying your peace of mind? If there is, I want to know about it.

Is it simply accepting and embracing the chaos of the universe and being OK in the midst of that? Or is doubt a reasonable response to a questionable situation?


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