Joey: A year in review

You are two, my darling boy.

The past year has been, shall we say, interesting.

We have moved house and suffered loss, and desperate hurt.

But you have been the light. Sometimes literally because you flick the lights on and off repeatedly. It’s annoying but you think it’s funny, and so it is.

You love Cars. Also Cars 2, and Cars 3, and cars of any shape or size. You gather up armfuls of Hot Wheels, like a polished metal bouquet, and you play with them endlessly.

You talk. You say dinner, and book, and hot, and MAMA MAMA MAMA when you want to get up (and I don’t). You also say a lot of things we can’t quite understand but we get the general gist.

My favourite thing in the world is to group hug you with your Daddy and we kiss you on each cheek. That’s a game we love to play because we love you so much.

To say you are a joy is a tired cliche. How do you describe something so like helium for the heart? Every time you reach for my hand and drag me to the fridge or fruit bowl or TV, something in me delights in the feel of your sticky little mitt, and determined cowboy gait.

You spread happiness like germs in a daycare centre. No-one can resist your infectious charm.

Until next year,

Love Mum x

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