Life and stuff: The peach principle of beauty

the-peach-principle-of-beautyThere is nothing more disappointing than biting into a perfect looking peach only to discover that it’s floury, underripe and flavourless.

Contrast this with biting into perfect looking peach that is bursting with flavour, juicy and squishy-licious. Ohhhh yeah.

People are like that too. There is nothing more disappointing than meeting someone who looks like a whole lot of fun, only to discover they are bitter, sour or just plain bland.

I am not trying to bust out the well-worn ‘beautiful people are shallow’ argument. I am surrounded by obscene amounts of gorgeousness all the time (I work in PR!) but all that glamour is balanced with equal parts intelligence, humour, creativity and warmth.

My point is that the glossy looking, yet decidedly yucky tasting, people are obviously concentrating on nurturing the wrong parts of themselves.

Just like a peach needs a clean, healthy environment to grow in, nutrient-rich soil, lots of sunshine, plenty of rain and protection from damaging elements, humans need to similarly nurture their ‘flavour’.

This all starts with good mental and physical health, continues with a supportive community of friends and family and finishes with a healthy respect for self and others.

Flavour notes come from interests, hobbies, education and employment but the overall sweetness comes from the level of joie de vivre and kindness one possesses.

Then, if you’ve got all that going for you, why not get your nails done?

It’s fun to get all dressed up and feel pretty but it’s a hell of a lot more fun for everyone else if you make sure you’re totally delicious first.

Who are the most delicious people you know? What makes them so yummeh?

2 comments on “Life and stuff: The peach principle of beauty

  1. Although I have not met her, I’m absolutely positive that Nigella is yum Yum YUM!
    How can someone that cooks such delights not be?

  2. My beautiful boy – not only gorgeous (er, Hugh Jackman is the most frequent celebrity associated) but he has the most loving, kind heart EVER and is totally fun and hilarious. *Smitten*

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