Life and stuff: Things that are guaranteed to make people happy

things-that-are-guaranteed-to-make-people-happySome things make everyone happy.

They are as follows:

  • Lollies thrown out into a crowd
  • Streamers, confetti and balloons falling from the ceiling
  • Sparklers
  • Fireworks
  • Finding money on the street
  • Getting something good delivered to your home, school or office
  • Winning
  • Running through a sprinkler in summer
  • Towels straight out of the clothes dryer

Here are some things that make me inordinately happy:

  • Plants, especially cacti and flowers
  • The Paris Review
  • Animals (all of them, especially marine mammals and dogs)
  • Taking photographs with Snappy, my new Canon EOS
  • Swishy skirts
  • Stories about psychics and ghosts
  • Phosphorescence
  • Watching the bats fly over Sydney at dusk
  • Spotting other people’s tattoos
  • 1950’s hairstyles and dresses
  • Riding a pushbike
  • French Champagne
  • The First Husband
  • My friends and family (especially the kids because they are so funny)

What makes you happy?

6 comments on “Life and stuff: Things that are guaranteed to make people happy

  1. Sleep
    Movies – especially old musicals
    Travelling to new places
    Theme Parks & rollercoasters
    A good Margarita
    mmmm does it look like I have an obsession with food?

  2. * Cats
    * Animals (cats are separate because they are totally supreme beings)
    * When you see a dog carry its leash in its mouth (okay, it’s another animal thing, but it always makes me laugh)
    * Books that are so good they make me depressed that I could never write one as good as that
    * Also bats at dusk
    * Kids
    * The view of an inner west sunset from my balcony
    * Laughing with my beautiful friends!

  3. * Wifey
    * Old Mercedes
    * Our two dogs
    * Bbq meals
    * Lollies
    * Coffee
    * Movies
    * Friends
    * House parties
    * Road trips

  4. Reading that post made me happy – I’m smiling like a kid in a candy store, and I actually clapped when I read the word “Phosphorescence”! Other things include:

    * People ~ The Man, the Friends, the Family … the Posse du jour
    * A chunky ring ~ worn on the middle finger of my right hand
    * Reading ~ especially when I know I can do it for hours without having to stop
    * The sound of genuine laughter ~ from the belly & with the whole body.
    * Art Deco anything ~ Oh, the lines!
    * The sound of the keys clattering on my Macbook as I type ~ Mmmm!
    * Floating and looking at the sky ~ especially if it’s quiet
    * Adventure ~ And hence, SheGoes, obviously!

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