Light and easy

If horses could talk, this horse would be saying ‘WHEEEEEEEEEE!’

I was a bit down for a while there (see: the ‘I’m so fucking lonely’ post). That was cheerful.

I felt like all my efforts were wasted and everything was futile and that life was just one enormous GYRE of CYCLICAL MISERY and DISAPPOINTMENT.

But then I got drunk with my friend Jo and she revealed the true secret to happiness: light and easy.

She explained that she’d been in two complicated, emotionally draining relationships with unhappy men and that she’d ended up feeling SHITE. She started drinking. She started partying. And then she had a two part epiphany.

Part one: What would Susan Sarandon do?

Would Susan Sarandon tolerate this crap? Hell no! Susan Sarandon would get a sassy hair cut, put on some lipstick and go out and Thelma/Louise herself back into the game.

Part two: Light and easy

Not just a nutritionally unbalanced diet. The light and easy approach is all about having fun and letting go of all the drama (and people who create it). If you’ve ever seen a horse galloping across a field in slow-mo, what you’re looking at is light and easy. That horse is doing what horses love doing. Humans should do the same. So do what you love and don’t apologise for it.

So Jo and I got drunk. I flirted with the 27 year old bartender. I ate pizza and popcorn for dinner. And I felt better.




2 comments on “Light and easy

  1. Em, I love this. I’m going to start asking myself the ‘what would Susan Sarandon do?’ question too; albeit probably under different circumstances (ie.feeling generally like a loser quite often outside of the fact that I have a bootiful husband). I wonder if Jo is is the same lovely Jo Stewart my sister is friends with? If she is or she isn’t- she’s one wise ladybird.

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