Little happy

Did you know that it’s the Chinese Year of the Black Water Snake?

Definitely not a deadly sin

It’s as ominous as it sounds and I have been feeling its dark energy around lately. In order to offset the snakey vibes, I have decided to focus on all the little positives; the little happys.

They are:

  • Collecting still-warm eggs from my chooks in the morning
  • Not having to rush out of bed because I live so close to work
  • Reading Sincerely Women of Letters – such a touching and colourful collection of stories (thank you Mel)
  • Sunny days
  • Clean, fresh air
  • Making new friends – there are so many wonderful people around (this is kind of a big happy that occurs in small steps)
  • The way I feel after yoga, dancing and walking
  • Tea and coffee. Oh how I love them both
  • The way I feel when I get enough sleep
  • How friendly and welcoming my work colleagues are
  • Salad and smoothies. I love them both too
  • Finding new blogs like Tiny Buddha (thank you Claudia)
  • Booking a ticket to see the Dalai Lama in June (thank you Cheryl)
  • Watching my parents’ poodles playing (hilarious)

I am grateful for all of these little things because they make it easier to deal with the big, bad things that are inevitable in life: conflict, stress, death, cancer, rejection, bills, aches, pains and tax returns.

What are your little daily happys? What small things do you do (or feel or think) to enhance your daily existence?


5 comments on “Little happy

  1. Seeing random cats always makes me happy. Dogs too, but cats are usually on their own so you can pat them/hang out with them/take an instagram pic of them and get to know them a bit 😉

    Also sleeping.

    And, one that I could actually orchestrate on my own if I was that way inclined, not being hungover. The day after a hangover day always gives me an irrational boost of happiness!

  2. Definitely with Mel on the Dog/Cat thing – though I am more of a dog type than cat.

    I got to play with a pup in the vineyard today – that was pretty cool.

    Here are some others:
    – Smiles from strangers
    – Chatting to friends online – I can be miles away and still keep in touch with old friends or friends I haven’t even met in person
    – I love my job now, making wine is mucho fun
    – Cooking good food
    – Having a cup of tea
    – Touching plants
    – Standing on high places at sunset

  3. Upcoming road trips add to my happiness quotient.
    While they’re not a daily thing, they are a smaller happy than the all too rare o/s trips 🙂

    As does sitting on my teeny, tiny back veranda, cloud gazing.

    Hearing a favourite song unexpectedly is a sure-fire lift.
    And having a good lip glass to hand.

    Tdubz cuddles and headbutts, when he deigns to plonk on my chest while lazing on the couch are also treasured.

  4. I also find walking barefoot really relaxing. Especially when you are in a park where the grass has just been cut; and beach walking at sunrise; and candle light meditation when the sun is setting. And the first coffee of the day, when you are still sleepy, and you don’t know what’s life will through at you and you can just taste the fresh aroma of the coffee beans and just hope for the best…

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