Love is hell

Matt Groening
This is my all-time favourite love quote. I’m romantic like that.

It’s easy to think that falling in love is a blissful state involving men in white linen pants on tropical beaches.

It’s not.

Falling in love is hell.

It’s an anxious, paranoid, sleepless state that is less Seattle and more The Shining. You’re waiting for a hit. You’re anticipating rejection. You’re primping and preening and wondering if he or she will call.

It’s fucking horrible.

So let’s all remember this when we fall in love. It’s not nice.

3 comments on “Love is hell

  1. What’s even scarier is that the falling in love bit is meant to be the easy part. It’s the staying in love that’s the kicker.

    Men in white linen pants also don’t realise how much ironing is involved before taking that jaunt on said tropical beach.

    Love your blog, btw


  2. I would like to also add that love can also be the most amazing thing in the world!! 🙂

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