OKCupid is funny

This guy sounds like a total catch but does he like sushi?

Wondering if OKCupid is for you? Here are a few guidelines to help you figure out if this rapidly growing social dating site is your ticket to true love.

Are you a web developer?

Do you like meeting other web developers? There’s a disproportionately large number of web developers on this site. I estimate one in two people. The upside is that web developers are smart. The downside is that one in two has the personality of a cucumber.

Do you like texting pictures of your boobs/junk to random strangers?

Yes? Yes! OKCupid is overrun with people who want pictures of your business. One minute you’re having a harmless chat about icecream flavours and the next minute you’ve got an eyeful of disembodied cock. Good times indeed.

Are you willing to spend five minutes online reading a profile before you email someone?

I promise that your success rate will go up if you spend a moment personalising emails. There’s a lot of copy/paste happening on this site (and others like it). Unsurprisingly, if you say, ‘Hi how r u’ to me, I will ignore you. If you then send me a passive aggressive message about my lack of response, I cannot wait to continue ignoring you.

Do you like travel, sushi, Wes Anderson films and craft beer?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you probably copy and pasted your profile from a random profile generator. Oh, you’re a coffee snob? AND YOU LIKE SUSHI?! Let’s get married immediately.

Have you noticed any disturbing trends on OKCupid? Care to share?


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