Read/watch list for people who don’t care about celebrities

Outlander: one of the sexiest, most romantic shows ever
Outlander: one of the sexiest, most romantic shows of all time

Do you struggle to find stuff to read/watch that resonates?

I hate most reality television. I don’t like sport. I have no interest in celebrities, diets or fashion (except for when I’m on holiday – I love reading Vogue). Subsequently, I come up short when I am looking for new stuff to read or watch, even though I am awash in content thanks to Foxtel, Netflix and the Internet.

Recently I have done a bit of research to find reading/viewing material in line with my nerdy-nerd interests. Here’s what I came up with:

The Planthunter
Yep, a website devoted to plants and the people who like them. Notably, it profiles people like Bob Brown (who I love). I’ve also re-subscribed to The Diggers Club of Australia magazine, despite the fact that I have exactly one square metre of potplants to my name. A girl can dream, right?

While the premise is totally far-fetched, this highly addictive show details the complexities and realities (yes, I know that I am calling a time travel show realistic) of Scottish Highland life in the late 1700s. If you have been craving a magic-realistic historical romance with excellent period costumes, this is for you.

Family Circle
Like The Terminator, it’s baaaack. I love me a good recipe but this mag has craft patterns, trivia and puzzles, practical beauty advice and a page devoted to uplifting quotes as well. I loved it years ago when it was around the first time, and I still love it. It seems I am a very lost Amish woman.

Moore Nourishing
I went to one of Monica Moore’s wellness retreats last year and have been in love with her ever since. She is so funny, down-to-earth and practices yoga and nutrition in a very accessible way. I highly recommend following her on Instagram and Facebook, and signing up to her newsletter.

Gok’s Fashion Fix
You know that line in ‘Love, Actually’ where Emma Thompson’s characters says that Joni Mitchell ‘taught your cold English wife how to feel’? Well, Gok Wan teaches English women how to dress. Many of his subjects are new mothers who have lost their confidence or women struggling with health or family issues. Essentially, they are sad about how they look and Gok cheers them up.

River Cottage Australia
Paul West is a totally hammy presenter who lays on the Awstraya pretty thick but who cares when you can go on a little TV adventure to Tilba Tilba in southern NSW whenever you like? Focusing on food providence, cultivation and cooking, this show is a joy to watch, in no small part because there is a Border Collie called Digger chewing things and causing trouble in the background.

The Oatmeal
My love for Matthew Inman, the creator of The Oatmeal, is nothing new but if you haven’t read this site, I highly recommend it for the lols and the strangely philosophical musings on everything from Nikolai Tesla to marathon running. My all time favourite cartoon is this one about dogs.

In a total life highlight, I met Astrobarry at a dinner in Sydney a few years back. He is very tall. He is from San Francisco. He makes astrology funny. Check the site for new horoscopes every Monday.

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