Soul gardening

Do you know about how crop rotation works? How farmers don’t plant the same crop in the same place year after year?

Humans are the same. We can’t keep producing, producing, producing without a rest.

We need inputs. If you were a garden, you would need to be weeded, composted, fertilised and replanted.

You may even need a fallow season to rest and regenerate.

Over the Christmas break, think about inputs. What will help your body and mind recover their vitality? Do you need more sleep? A total change in routine? A trip away? More art and literature, more beer and cricket, more massages and long lunches?

Think about the seeds you want to plant for the year ahead.

Think about what parts of yourself you want to grow.

Think about what you are going to need to make that happen.

And then do it. With a garden, you have to put in the best to get out the best. It’s the same for you so don’t hold back.

Wishing you a time of blissful rest, reconnection and joyfulness.


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