Too busy? Just stop

This time of year should be called Crabbymas: the festival of exhaustion that takes place before Christmas.

Lots of us turn ourselves inside out getting to parties, end of year catch-ups, and hitting the shops to stock up on gift boxed pretzels and fruit mince pies.

Some of us start to feel like our glass is half empty. Hangovers, rich food, and lots of running around take their toll.

Here’s my advice: if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, pour your drink into a smaller glass.

What the hell does that mean?

It means that if you want to get your party mojo back, you need to do less stuff.

Be more selective.

Shop online.

Cancel things.

Chuck a sickie to sleep in and watch TV.

Have a nap. Meditate. Eat a salad. Go for a swim. Drink lots of water.

There is nothing joyful about pushing yourself to do everything, be everywhere and please people, non-stop, if it means that you are wiped out and miserable.

Forget about buying things you can’t afford. Forget about trying to impress people.

If all you can afford is a Christmas card and a ham sandwich, do that and do it with joy. 

I see people killing themselves only to be disappointed when their efforts are not acknowledged.

Giving is about thinking of others and rejoicing in the opportunity to connect and share.

So please, give yourself the gift of peace and rest. Everyone is getting a bit tired so let’s cut each other some slack and remember that it’s better to sparkle for one night than smoulder for an entire month.




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