Wedding = worth it!

Anthony and Emma weddingThere’s a lot of conjecture as to whether there’s any point getting married. It’s expensive (yep), statistically likely to fail (yep) and it’s only one day of your life and then everything goes back to normal (nope).

Well, I’m here to say GET WED PEOPLE. Sure, there are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t get married (I have even written an e-book about how not to plan your wedding – free download here) but there are some compelling reasons to go for it.

Mainly, all the love. WOW. You have love coming at you from everywhere.

In the lead up, set up, and clean up: SO MUCH LOVE.

Our friends helped us alter the dresses, gave us beer, and heavily discounted the photobooth printer and hire equipment for us. Anthony’s parents loaned us money to pay for it all, as well as looking after the girls and helping them get ready on the morning of the wedding. My sister Kate gave us a huge chunk of change as a wedding gift which also helped pay for things in advance.

On the day, my sister Jo and her family helped us set up the Glebe Town Hall. We had majorly underestimated how much work was going to be involved in the set-up was a big job. We would never have gotten it done in time without them.

During the wedding, my friends James and Ness catered the downstairs part of the reception and my friends Michael and Mia looked after the music and ended up running an impromptu dance party for the kids in the hall upstairs while the parents were free to chat and drink downstairs. My friends Tim, Meagan, Katrina and Holly took loads of photos; between them and the photobooth, we now have such a great record of the day that is totally free-style (no weird ‘walking down country lane’ shots). My mum made a video which I can’t wait to watch with a glass of Champagne.

So many beautiful, happy people came and cheered and danced and had fun. The spirit of participation, not to mention the overwhelming generosity of the gifts that people gave us, was utterly humbling.

The day after – always a tough time, hangover-wise – my sister Kate, her partner Alex, Anthony’s mum and dad, and my dad and step-mum Cheryl helped clean-up the hall; again, a much bigger job than predicted.

And now? Now that it’s all over? We are maximum happy.

It was an overwhelming, hectic blur, but it was also a very meaningful rite of passage that has changed the dynamic of our lives – and our kids’ lives – forever.

If you’re thinking about it, DO IT. Stop making excuses and putting it off. Get married (and invite us because we love weddings).




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