You don’t deserve anything

No you fucking don't. You need to make yourself happy. The world won't do it for you.
No you fucking don’t. You need to make yourself happy. The world won’t do it for you.

It can be a dangerous mistake to think that you deserve things.

This is not how the world works.

Think of it like a restaurant. Just because you’re in there, the wait staff aren’t going to magically know what you want. You have to order it and be specific.

There’s a lot of people who feel resentful because they’re not getting what they ‘deserve’, and yet they have never taken the time to communicate this to the people who can help them.

The concept of deserving comes back to a sense of entitlement. ‘If the world understood my value, I would be rewarded accordingly’.

But the truth is that no one deserves anything. Some people are lucky and some people work hard. Most of them have the guts to ask for what they want. The rest? They sit around feeling pissed off that they didn’t get what they wanted. It’s your choice.

The concept of deserving is disempowering. It stops us from taking the necessary steps to get what we want or need because we’re waiting for the universe, our partner, our employer or whoever it is we think should be providing it, to deliver.

The problem is that they’re too busy thinking about themselves to read your mind.

The message: always ask for what you want and do the work required to get it.




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