Barbie Dream House


I visited the Brand USA Roadshow earlier this week for work and I have to tell you, America has some fun stuff.

Take, for example, The Mall of America that has just launched the life-sized Barbie Dream house where you can run around in a hot pink plastic mansion.

Caesars Entertainment has just launched a new Ferris Wheel that fits 40 people per carriage right next to The Flamingo on the Vegas strip. Yes, you can have a little party on a Ferris Wheel. You wouldn’t even have to pay the strippers; that’s how fun it would be.

There’s even a new tour company that has group Harley Davidson tours along Route 66 so you can pretend to be Billy Connolly.

Here’s a fun little video about the cool stuff you can do, stateside:

This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

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