Easter Island photo Angela Saurine

Travel Tales: Angela Saurine

Name:  Angela Saurine

Age:  34

Occupation: National travel reporter, News Ltd and Escape.com.au

Favourite travel destination?: Laos. I loved floating down the Mekong watching life along the river, visiting villages, watching monks piggyback each other in Luang Prabang and trekking or cycling to turquoise waterfalls, lagoons and amazing limestone caves.

Worst travel experience?: Getting severe food poisoning on my last day in Croatia when I had to catch a ferry, bus and plane.

Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: I recently ate at the two Michelin star restaurant The Ledbury in Notting Hill, London. It was the epitome of what a five-star restaurant should be. Every course was a work of art.

Best/scariest/funniest drive?: Driving in any of the islands in the South Pacific is always pretty scary. My driver was eventually fined for overtaking on double white lines and I could only think: “But he’s been doing that all week”.

Where is the best/weirdest/worst place you’ve ever stayed?: After sailing in Turkey I stayed at a hostel at Olympus. I was dying for a hot shower after four days and I turned the shower on and it was just a drip. I ended up curled up on the bed in the foetal position.

What has been the big  ‘wow’ moment of your travelling life?: Flying over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. I sat in the front seat and when we dipped down into it I couldn’t believe how big it was – ten times bigger than what I thought. The pilot turned and glanced sideways at me at that moment, like he never got sick of seeing people’s reaction at that moment.

What is your number one travel tip?: Always take an inflatable neck pillow, ear plugs and a quality eye mask on a plane and get some saline nasal spray to prevent illness.

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