Sam Trattles

Travel Tales: Sam Trattles

Name: Sam Trattles

Age: 45

Current job? Business owner (and loving it).

Favourite travel destinations and why?: Most of them! My top three are Bolivia because it’s so unique and the people are very special and kind;, Fraser Island because I LOVE returning to this slice of paradise, and anywhere new. Travel is my ‘perspective giver’.

Best sunrise/sunset?: Both.

Best museum or gallery?:  The Tate Gallery, London. My favourite painting – ‘The Lady of Shalott’ – lives there. When I lived in London I used to spend hours and hours wandering the halls.

Best meal you’ve had while travelling?: In Greece, on Mykonos. A little hole-in-the-wall locals’ place – the best Lamb Kleftiko of my LIFE! My bestie and I still reminisce on it, decades later.

In Portugal with some friends

One food/drink people should avoid at all costs?: Durian fruit – YUKKKKK!

Best/scariest/funniest drive?: Yungas Highway, otherwise known as the Death Road in Bolivia (in a bus – seriously not good for your mental health). We survived, obviously, but I had to use every mindfulness tactic I have ever learnt, and some parts, I’m pretty sure I passed out.

Best/weirdest/worst place you’ve stayed?: The Blue Orange in Manila. It was your worst nightmare. Let’s just say they rent the rooms by the hour (we had no idea when we booked it) – pre-Tripadvisor.

Sam Trattles
On a tour in Africa

Biggest ‘wow’ moment in your travelling life?: Flying into Johannesburg, after dreaming of going since I was 10 years old. I used to watch The World Around Us growing up, without fail, 5 o’clock Sunday on Channel 7 – I was in glued to it. I don’t think I every really believed I would get to Africa, but I did. It was a real dream come true. I was so happy I cried. It makes me well up just thinking about that moment now.

Number one travel tip?: Try and find the funny side to the madness. Some of my best holidays have been when things have gone sideways, and we managed to laugh our way through it.

One thing you’d never leave home without?: Credit card – with that, and my passport everything is solvable. 

Next destination?: I’m off to Nashville and surrounds for AmericanaFest with my sister in September. Can’t wait! I am most looking forward to visiting to Dollywood.

Sam Trattles is a Commercial Deals Negotiator at The Other Side of the Table. Sam has just written a book called I Love Negotiating. Check it out here.

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