Meeting the Prince of Wales

meeting-the-prince-of-walesIt wasn’t as exciting as you may think – it was the Prince of Wales in the guise of a hospital in Randwick.

Close observers of SheGoes will have noticed that Monday and Tuesday this week were bereft of posts. This is because I was checked into said medical accommodation having undergone some rather sudden surgery.

Survivors would have you believe that hospital is a terrible place but in the case of the Prince of Wales, it was as you would expect; genteel, good humoured and in possession of a decidedly stiff upper lip.

The one thing that struck me most about my sojourn in South Wing was that being in hospital is not at all dissimilar to a long haul flight. Here’s how;

– The meals are delivered with military regularity in  portion-controlled servings

– You can always hear other people, even when they’re sleeping (and you’re trying to sleep)

– You can press a button to summon assistance

– There’s a small TV that’s all yours and yet you manage to miss the movie you want to watch every single time

– The bathroom smells weird

– You’re trapped there until they let you go

– You wind up spending hours talking to the perfect stranger next to you

– The staff have to look after you, no matter how demanding or obnoxious you are

I was discharged yesterday and upon returning home, I felt like I had survived a journey. Rather than boarding a plane though, I felt like I had been abducted by aliens, what with all the probes, tubes and blinding lights …

Have you ever spent a lot of time in hospital? If so, what did you think of it?

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  1. Never done hard time in a hospital wing…but i do have a frequent flyers card at accident and emergency!

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