The sexiest place in the world

the-sexiest-places-in-the-worldWhere is it?

I want to go there, wear La Perla and pay ridiculous import tax on Champagne.

The sexiest place I have ever been to is Mira Flores in Peru (crumbling Spanish architecture, a touristy-Bondi vibe and ultra-friendly waitstaff serving the best seafood soup in the world).

Thailand doesn’t do it for me, despite the obvious legacy of Patpong (and the ping pong).

Vietnam. No. Bali. No.

Fiji. Maybe. The gorgeous islander men are a sight for sore eyes and yet there is a Paradise Lost element that worries me.

America. Not sure. Austin, Texas is sexy as hell so maybe I can make an exception? The tattoos, the cowboy boots, the margaritas. There is something so deliciously rebellious about the whole experience of being in a state that decided it should be it’s own country (and later rescinded after losing a bloody war to the Left). It’s all very alpha and if there is something I cannot resist, it’s an unapologetic monument to testosterone.

New Zealand. Maybe. The busdriver who drove us to Milford Sound had tattoos of snowflakes on his arms and a very easy-going nature.

Mexico. Sadly, no. The sexiest Mexican I have met works with The First Husband and he doesn’t like ladies. Mexico is a very religious country were public pashing is endorsed and yet you get the feeling that everyone is going to marry *that* person. This is not random pashing. This is pashing with a purpose.

Bali – no.┬áSouth Africa – no. Botswana – no. Zambia – yes (and yet the sexiest man I met there was a boy from Liverpool who was working in logistics in Afghanistan).

Sexy is a strange and wondrous thing. Which country has the sexiest people in the world? Where is the sexiest place you have ever been?

5 comments on “The sexiest place in the world

  1. I agree about Mira Flores as a sexy city – it is gorgeous with wonderful food and a lot of nice looking surfers too. But I think Paris takes the cake for me! The gorgeous bicycle boys and Parisian women always with amazing legs, combined with the seductiveness of the city itself…love it!

  2. The first memories that popped into my head were in Barcelona, gorgeous, olive skinned, dark-eyed people, wandering la rambla, g-strings and boobs at the beach, eating dinner at 10pm, sangria, then hitting nightclubs that went off every night of the week, hot girls in short skirts and hot guys in no shirts dancing on the podiums … yep, it was damn sexy.

  3. Hmmm… San Francisco’s pretty sexy – whatever your orientation! Barcelona, si, de acuerdo. The decadent squalor of Barri Gotic there does it for me. The shuttered-up shop fronts that portly little old Spanish men piss up against by day are magically transformed into pokey but oh-so-cool nightclubs after hours. Some places in Mexico are sexy to me. Acapulco has a sexy-kitsch appeal, not to mention the Elvis “Fun in Acapulco” association (even if the locals claimed never to have heard of him!!). And Cuba – anywhere on the coast is sexy! Italy’s Amalfi Coast… sigh…

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