Travel Hot List for 2012

This is my *impossible to substantiate list of places you should go if you want to out-cool everyone, including that guy at the dinner party who says he is a foreign diplomat but who might be a spy:

1. Sri Lanka

India without all the hassle. Less people equals more order. Transport runs to schedule, garbage is collected and the beaches are pristine. If you like old colonial architecture, seafood curries and sea breezes through palm groves, head to Colombo for a dose of good, clean culture. The upside? The end of the civil war means no more pesky Tamil Tigers staging coup d’etats.

2. Bhutan

If you are willing to brave the death-defying flight into Paro, you will have made it through the hardest part of getting to this tiny country. There is only a select group of pilots that are allowed to fly this route due to treacherous thermal updrafts from the Himalayas. But I digress. Bhutan will be riddled with hipsters before you can say ‘fish taco’ so get your early adopting ass over there and soak up some archery, mountain temples and radical downhill mountain bike rides.


A desert wadi in Oman

3. Oman

I work for the Sultanate of Oman so it’s possible that I am drinking my own Kool Aid here but I swear it’s the Next Big Thing in Arabia. Dubai went through a tourism boom in the ’90s, Abu Dhabi has experienced a real spike over the past five years and now it’s Oman’s turn. It’s exquisitely devoid of modern ugliness and has activities for everyone from Indiana Jones (canyoning, ancient ruins and caves) to the Queen of Sheba (frankincense trees, silver souks and rock rose harvests).

*This list is based entirely on rumour, speculation and other synonyms for travel industry hearsay.

Where do you think all the hipsters will be going next? I know Cambodia, South America and Eastern Europe (Estonia & Friends) are all on the rise. Where else should we go if we want to go to the cool places first?



7 comments on “Travel Hot List for 2012

  1. Hi Emma, I need lots of information on what to do in a day at these destinations please, as I’ll be in Colombo on 30th March and Oman on 6th April. In between, we’ll be visiting Cochin on 31st March and Mumbai on 2nd April. Obviously, we’ll need to do things not too far away from the ports. Any great ideas?

  2. Hi Gen! I’m not too sure about Colombo (Anyone??? Help!) but in Oman you have got to go to the Grand Mosque (but check the opening hours – I think you need to go early because then it closes to the public as it’s an operational mosque, check out the silver souks (so cheap) and definitely go and have a squizzy at the new opera house.

    As for Cochin, I was just there! I would recommend a half day backwater cruise (awesome) and some shopping at Fabindia and Anokhi – BRILLIANT shops. Go and have a drink at The Malabar House aswell –

    It’s freakin’ gorgeous!

  3. Sounds great. I’ve got a few weeks left to cram all my research into – so any suggestions from the She Goes readers would be great. Thanks Emma.

  4. Gen, For my two cents worth, in Cochin, take some time to do a simple thing and just wander around the water’s edge where all the fishmongers flaunt their day’s catch (near where the ferry terminal). It’s quite delightful being right there among the old-school fishing boats and impossible not to ponder a simple life living off the sea. Its one of my favourite memories of India.

  5. Thanks Kristy, sometimes the best of any city is the life that takes place away from it, and watching and meeting the real people of any country is delightful, especially by the sea.

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