Know who has your money

I realise I’m starting to sound a bit ‘conspiracy theorist’ but I assure you that I am years away from moving into a cave and wrapping my head in Alfoil. I am currently devoted to finding out where my money is going and having a say in the way it’s spent. I have changed my super fund to […]

Why you should spend local

I just spent the past two days at a conference that was all about making money. The words yield, capital, investment and RevPar (Revenue Per Available Room) were bandied around like bon mots. I hated it. When the CEO of a company I have supported for a long time started talking about property development without […]

Broke ass blues

Dumpster diving

Being broke sucks. I recently moved and subsequently paid a massive chunk of change in bond and rent. Five days out from being paid, I have a zero balance. What’s interesting is that I am neither starving nor particularly worried. Why? Because I am surrounded by immense support. I have food in the pantry, I have […]