Happy Buddha Retreat, Wentworth Falls

I have a confession: I am a retreat junkie. I have been to many, many retreats before I visited Happy Buddha Retreat in Wentworth Falls.

This is paradoxical as there are health retreats for junkies, or at least addicts trying to kick a habit.

But for me, the retreats are the habit. I bloody love them.

One of Jeevi, the ‘Laughing Chef’s’, vegan meals

Give me a vegan salad, a caffeine-detox migraine and an ethereal facilitator with spiritual tattoos any day.

And Happy Buddha Retreat in the Blue Mountains of NSW is no exception.

The outdoor dining area

Upon check-in, I met Courtney Louise, a pixie-like being whose low, soothing voice would become my own internal voice during the yoga and meditation sessions.

And then I went to my shared room to be greeted by a sweet little welcome note, a notebook and a bliss ball.

What followed was three days of yoga, surreptitious farting and laughter, seasoned with a few tears.

Because that’s the thing I discovered. We all have a few tears within us that need an outlet for expression and retreats are a safe place to let those feelings out.

My group of yoga babes

Highlights included 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, connecting and reconnecting with a bunch of gorgeous babes, and driving home feeling full of love. Also the intuitive massage I had with Jan who looks like a cast member from Vikings.

And when I got home?

Life went back to being, well … life. My husband’s alarm woke me at 3.50am. My little boy woke up at 5.15am. Various personal issues reared their ugly heads and made me angry and distressed all over again.

But it was good to remember what it feels like to get enough sleep, and to feel peaceful and supported.

And that’s why I recommend a little adventure to Happy Buddha Retreat in Wentworth Falls. There is nothing wrong with a little escapism when no-one gets harmed in the process.

Have you visited Happy Buddha Retreat in Wentworth Falls? What did you think?

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