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What is the best Aldi sparkling wine?

I’ve always wanted to find out whether Aldi sparkling wine passes muster in a blind tasting.

Fortunately, I have wonderfully dedicated friends that were willing to drink for the cause.

We rated each wine out of 10, and threw in a couple of non-Aldi bottles to mix things up. Scientific accuracy is critical when you’re getting plastered doing research with your mates.

Behold: the scientific methodology!

The wines

Here’s the verdict, in no particular order, including comments from the judges.

Tempus Two blanc de blanc: 55.5/10 –First drink of the day so automatically winner!”

South Point Chardonnay Pinot Noir: 49/90 – “Even my mother would throw it in the garden (and she drinks like a fish).”

Veuve Olivier – 51/90 –  “Creamy but harsh. Bit hard to peg down; love it and hate it at the same time.”

Charles Renoir – 68.5/90 – “Very dry. Smooth. Easy to drink. Classy.”

VallĂ©e des Secrets – 50/90 – “Savoury somehow! Life a roast chicken? Don’t know if that’s the Champagne or my tastebuds.”

Marie de Moy – 46/90 – “Very fine bubbles. Nice and crisp. Tart-ish.”

Charles Pelletier – 53/90 – “Yum! Delicious. Would have you again.” ALSO “Yuck! First taste, mouldy, earthy, delicate bubbles.” ALSO “I don’t know. Too busy talking.”

Peterson House Gateway – 59/90 – “Floral front – Prosecco? Too sweet. Long floral finish. Elderflower.”ALSO “Actually quite lovely. Am I drunk?!”

While we’re not wine judges, we are all working mums who’ve necked our fair share of bubbles.

The verdict

What we agree on (despite wildly varying favourites) is that Charles Renoir Cremant de Bourgogne was the crowd favourite. Coming in at $17.99 per bottle, it’s not the cheapest (South Point is at $5.99) but it ranks way higher than the most expensive (Marie de Moy at $32.99).

So now we know. If you’re going to buy bubbles at Aldi, shoot straight for the mid-priced stuff. Avoid the bottom shelf and don’t worry about buying the more expensive stuff (unless we’re talking the expensive expensive French stuff that they wheel out at Christmas).

What’s your favourite Aldi wine? Got any tips? Cozzie livs are kicking all of our asses so let’s rejoice in the merriment of cheap cheerfulness and friendship!

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