About SheGoes

SheGoes is a fun, honest and entertaining resource for anyone sitting at their desk, daydreaming about where they want to go next. With reviews, recommendations and tips from fellow travellers, as well as philosophical essays, SheGoes will deliver information, unbiased opinion and food for thought.

Regardless of whether your next trip is a week or a year away, SheGoes will give you plenty of inspiration for places to explore in your heart, mind, Australia and the world.


Emma at a tea plantation in Ella, Sri Lanka

About Emma

Emma started her publishing career at the tender age of six, writing letters to the fairies that lived in the garden beside her Dad’s shed. Quite mysteriously, the fairies wrote back.

At eleven, she got sent to camp for creative writing. During the orienteering challenge, she wound up on the archery range (which was in use). Her sense of direction has improved but she still can’t use a compass.

At high school, most of her writing ability was devoted to the kind of poetry that makes English teachers wet their pants laughing in the staffroom. At university, she wrote about serious things like the politics of washing up in share houses. Her first real writing job was at a magazine called Australian Patchwork & Quilting. Ask her anything about craft and there’s a chance she’ll know.

Today, Emma is a freelance journalist and copywriter over at Readable.com.au

She loves wine, Delice a Bourgogne French cheese, inappropriate humour and poodles.

SheGoes is a labour of love and a blatant excuse to vent and gallivant.