Views with a room: Norfolk Island Accommodation Review


On my recent visit to Norfolk,  I was lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes peek at the accommodation options. The major highlight of nearly every place was the view from the rooms; verdant hills, pines and glistening blue water. The main trend on the island is toward self-catering options so the rooms come complete with […]

Top five things to do on Norfolk Island


For a place that is only 8kms x 5kms wide, there’s a surprising amount to do and see. Here are the unmissable five: 1. Swim at Emily Bay A local named Wayne told me he decided to move to Norfolk Island after his first swim in Emily Bay. Golden sand, clear, calm water in a […]

Norfolk Island blues

Norfolk Island is the little known tax-haven where I spent the weekend with a bunch of travel agents. I expected it to be pretty. What I didn’t expect was that it would be fascinating. There is so much to know about this 8km x 5km island due east of Ballina on the NSW North Coast. […]

Fun facts about Norfolk Island … Seriously. Fun!

I just found out that Norfolk Island has it’s own language! It’s called Norfolk (unsurprisingly) and it’s a mixture of platt Deutsch (whatever the hell that is), 18th Century English and Tahitian. This has been reappropriated aka stolen directly from the Norfolk Island website. Seriously, who knew?! Norfolk English Whutta-waye? How are you? All yorlye […]