Top 6 Asian Destinations For Nature Lovers

Asia is one of the most beautiful continents, filled with many of the world’s best landmarks and sites designed to give adventurers the thrill they seek. From snowy areas and lush rainforests to sandy deserts, Asia is so vast that there’s something to do for every outdoor enthusiast. It’s no surprise that over 1 million Australians continue to plan trips to this amazing continent. If you’re planning your next trip, you must consider visiting one of the many beautiful countries in Asia, from Japan to Indonesia to Kazakhstan. What’s more, you will get to check off a lot from your adventure bucket list. Here are some of the best Asian destinations for outdoor enthusiasts.

1. Nepal

Nepal is best known for being the home of the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest. Few destinations in Asia and the world can boast of this feat.

Over the years, Nepal has become the ultimate destination for mountain climbers and hikers determined to reach the summit of Everest. But if trekking Mount Everest to the top is too much for you, there are many other mountain tops that you can explore. And there are many other outdoor activities that you can try your hands at. If you’re into wildlife exploration, you must visit Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The park is home to some of Nepal’s native animals, including sloth bears, elephants, Royal Bengal tigers, and over 500 bird species.

Nepal has some friendliest locals who will help you feel immediately at home and offer great travel tips. It also has some of the best cuisines in Asia. Your trip to Nepal wouldn’t be complete without tasting some of its famous dumplings and other dishes like dheedo and chatamari.

2. Japan

When you think of Japan, your mind probably immediately goes straight to metropolitan and technology-rich cities like Kyoto and Tokyo. But there’s more to this beautiful East Asian country than its popular cities. When you venture out of the cities, you will be stunned to see just how beautiful Japan’s countryside is.

You can spend your days skiing away in the majestic snow-covered mountains of Hokkaido or head down to Japan’s coastlines, which have some of the best white sand beaches, perfect if you’re looking for a tropical escape. Japan even has a desert region, Tottori, where you can go sandboarding! One activity to cross off your bucket list while in Japan is climbing the famous Mount Fuji, a stunning backdrop against Tokyo. If you’re not a climber, you can still explore the mountain to learn more about its rich history. If you enjoy the world’s natural wonders, you can head to Japan during the sakura season to see the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. 

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3. The Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago comprising over 7,000 islands in Southeast Asia. Because of its unique geography, it has some of the world’s best beaches and landscapes, making it the perfect location for adventurers.

The Philippines is a tropical country, and as a result, it has year-round warm weather, perfect for outdoor activities like surfing, river adventures, trekking, and diving.

This island country has one of the best diving spots in Asia, popularly known as the Tubbataha Reefs, which is home to over 600 different fish species, over 300 coral species, and various marine wildlife, including tiger sharks and green sea turtles. The best thing about diving is that it is relatively easy to learn. You can take a PADI open water diver course and earn your certificate quickly. With that in hand, you can explore all the underwater treasures that the Philippines has to offer. 

4. Tajikistan

You might have heard of Tajikistan, but you probably didn’t know that this country is quickly becoming one of the top adventure destinations. This landlocked country is filled with several towering mountains that rival those in the Himalayas.

Tajikistan’s rugged landscape also makes it one of the best destinations for road trips, where you can explore the numerous villages and interact with friendly locals. Be sure to plan your road trip along the Pamir Highway route, enabling you to explore the country’s biggest state. You can do several other outdoor activities while visiting this mountainous country, from glacier trekking, kayaking, cycling, and skiing. You will never be bored while visiting Tajikistan.  

5. Laos

The country of Laos might not be as popular or as developed as some of its neighbours, but it is certainly one of Asia’s top hotspots, especially concerning outdoor activities.

It is the perfect place for nature lovers, and many tourists spend their days exploring its mountains, jungles, and remote village. Other popular activities also include kayaking and cycling. You would enjoy your stay exploring its wild and mostly untouched landscape.

Laos is filled with lush forests and jungles that serve as homes to most of its native landscapes. To make your explorations even better, rent a motorcycle to visit the hidden areas. Compared to its neighbours, Laos is more affordable, making it an excellent choice for first-time adventure travellers. There are various kinds of hotels and other amenities based on your budget. 

6. Indonesia

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Many people think of Bali first when they think of Indonesia. But there are many more amazing islands worth exploring in this country. Although it might be one of the most populous regions in Asia, it is still wild, and adventurers will certainly find whatever thrill they might be searching for.

You can start your trip with a visit to the Komodo National Park, the home of the endangered Komodo dragon. You can also trek through its rainforests and interact with other wild animals, like the orangutan, along with different snake species, unique flora and fauna.

Indonesia also has some of the world’s best coral reefs, making it a marine paradise for adventurers wanting to head underwater. There’s a little section called the Coral Triangle where you can swim with different marine animals like sea turtles, rainbowfish, and even sharks. 

This list certainly doesn’t do Asia the justice it deserves, but it is a great place to start for any adventurer. There are many other countries worth exploring in Asia, from the beautiful Sri Lankan beaches to the icy tundra of Mongolia. 

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