Hong Kong is safe (and the kids are OK)

My darling sister and her family went to Hong Kong on holidays a couple of weeks ago. Much angst preceded the trip because CHINA and HUMAN RIGHTS PROTESTS but despite some upsets, it was fine. In fact, it was better than fine. It was GREAT. Hong Kong is safe.

My nephew Tate, who is a Second Dan Black Belt, a guitarist and, mysteriously, a first rate Religion student (WHAT?) shared his thoughts with his old crazy Aunty Em.

These are his answers, verbatim.

1.    What were your first impressions of HK?

It was a massive cultural shock. I first saw the overcrowded streets with high rising apartments. The heat and the humidity struck me like a bullet, the air was not fresh at all.

Tate, Riley and Gia. All very cute, as far as I am concerned (caption by Aunty Em)

2.    What surprised you about HK?

The diversity in the local culture. Myself and my family saw high tech modern airconditioned buildings, but we also saw houses that were barely holding together when we went away from the main island. There are crowded cities and towns, as well as beautiful natural landscapes. There is so much change in the way of living as you travel to different towns and places throughout Hong Kong.

3.    What were the highlights of your trip? What did you love?

There were many highlights in my Hong Kong experience. I loved the HK Disneyland. The small fishing towns were a great thing to experience. The food was delicious.

4.    Were there any bad bits?

The heat was really tiring when taking walks around the different spots. It was important that we packed lots of water for the different days.

5.    How was the food? 

The food was delicious and unique. The people of Hong Kong make excellent pastries. The restaurants we went to were clean and airconditioned making eating out an enjoyable experience.

6.    How did your siblings cope? Did they enjoy it?

My siblings pushed through all the tiring walking and exploring really well. They tried new foods and embraced the culture.

7.    Would you recommend HK to your friends?

I would recommend HK to my friends, as it is an amazing cultural experience.

Hong Kong was safe for us because we were smart and very careful. We made well informed choices and definitely didn’t go out at night.  

8.    Would you go back?

I would like to go back to explore more of the main island.

9.    Overall, what are your lasting impressions of the trip?

It was a life changing experience as well as a cultural shock. I enjoyed seeing a different way of life. The food was interesting and tasted amazing. The natural landscapes were stunning. Seeing the culture vary in the different places was confusing and eye-opening. It was a really fun and interesting place.

10. How did this trip change your world view?

I saw many people that lived in tiny high rise apartments. I explored what a super busy city looked like. And I am now very grateful that I have a backyard and no longer have to sleep on a mattress in the kitchen.

So, it turns out that Hong Kong is safe. There is certainly some trouble but as far as travelling for purely tourism reasons, you will be OK.

For more information about visiting Hong Kong, click here.

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