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How to stay sane over Christmas

Jessica Goh from Life in Confidence, a life coaching business, knows a thing or two about keeping your head together. Read on to find out a bit more about her, and her tips for surviving Christmas with your zen intact.

How did you get into the life coaching business? 
I got into life coaching five years ago when I hit rock bottom in my life. I lost all of my wealth after being scammed, not once but twice, broke up with a married man, and hated myself and my life. Hitting rock bottom was an awakening and helped me take that first step to discovering my own truth.
What are the major stressors people come to you with? 
I feel anxiety is becoming more common and harder to deal with, whether it’s keeping up with the Jones’, to being socially acceptable or a ‘cultural fit’ for the workplace. Another major stressor is underemployment and finding a career that you can be passionate about that has a salary to match. Other major stressors I see are rising costs in living and loneliness, whether it’s being single or uncomfortable in your own skin. More and more people are becoming very disconnected with the real world and are addicted to what’s going on in social media, zone out with Netflix, turning to drugs and alcohol or even sex to numb the pain that hasn’t been addressed from within.
What are the easiest things people can do to become more grounded? Connect with feminine energy, whether that’s in your external environments by walking in the park or barefoot on the beach, or internal environments by listening to meditation music or feeling what you need to feel and just sit with it.
In the lead up to Christmas, what do you recommend in terms of self-care? 
Stay hydrated this summer, find time to connect with you – without your phone or substances – and really listen to what your heart (not your ego) wants. 
How can people have a ‘conscious’ Christmas? 
For me, I feel having a conscious Christmas is about surrounding yourself with people that you genuinely love and want to be around. I personally don’t enjoy spending Christmas with my immediate family because there’s a lack of alignment and constant unnecessary arguments. I now consciously choose and enjoy my Christmas with my boyfriend and his family because I feel like I’m part of a family where I can just be myself and connect with that energy of love and joy.
For conscious gifting, I give gifts that they would love to receive, rather than what I would like to receive because I know it won’t go to landfill and they would make great use out of it or at least enjoy it. I also see nothing wrong with regifting as a conscious way of giving away gifts. It’s a fab way to save time, energy and money. 
When it comes to goal setting over the holidays, what should people keep in mind? Manage expectations and be flexible with your goals as they can change. I feel we can beat ourselves up for not losing weight or not getting a payrise, or this and that. Goals and outcomes don’t define you, they are guidelines in what you want to experience in life.
What do you think are the greatest stumbling blocks when it comes to people achieving their potential? Thoughts and feelings colluding with each other that creates confusion, incoherence and chaos in their internal and external environment.
What can we all do every day to experience a more fulfilling life? 
To use vulnerability as a way to tune into who you are. Feel what you need to feel, experience what you need to experience, and be who you need to be in that moment. That way, you’re welcoming the full spectrum of the human experience and appreciating it in its full form so you can be grateful for what life has to offer.
I don’t have a regimented self-care practice. I simply listen to what I feel and what I need, and take action based on that. If my shoulders and neck feel tight, then I book myself in for a steam and remedial massage. If I’m feeling ungrounded and scatter brained, then I go for a walk in nature and absorb the feminine energy of stillness. If I’m feeling vulnerable, then I meditate to trance music and let myself feel what I need to release. That keeps me in balance with me.
How do you know what your potential is? 
Everyone knows what they want and who they want to become, even when they deny it. Your potential is your truest self. What’s standing in the way is your deepest, darkest, badass pain and it’s the doorway to unleashing your purest form.  

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