Best glamping spots in Australia and New Zealand

Staying in a city at a fancy hotel can be so overrated. Getting to experience the serenity of nature while staying in a quirky structure is incomparable. And yes, we’re talking about glamping! Luckily, no matter where you live in Australia or New Zealand, there are plenty of amazing choices.  These are some of the hottest new spots and there is truly something for everyone.

Glamping is currently taking over the travel industry. Folks are straying away from typical resorts and hotels. A yurt nestled into the mountainside or a treehouse deep in the jungle just has a bit more appeal – perhaps just for Instagram’s sake …

Of course, regular lodging or classic camping has a time and place. Yet, glamping is for those adventurous souls that still like to stay in luxury. Most glampsites will have a bed, plumbing, electricity, and obviously gorgeous scenery. Yet, some incredible ones will feature outdoor tubs, massage or yoga services as well as are also close to activities like wine tastings or hiking.

Take a look below for eight of the best glamping spots across Australia and New Zealand.

Glass Pod on South Island

This insane all-glass pod sleeps two guests and starts at AUD $625. The pod is overlooking into the beautiful terrain high above the Kahutara River in Kaikoura. 

Bubble Dome in New South Wales 

This Tom’s Creek bubble dome starts at AUD $210 a night. Nestled into the rainforest, up to four guests can enjoy the natural beauty of Biriwal Bulga National Park.

Yurt on South Island

This extravagant yurt rental comes hand in hand with the ultimate adventure. Arriving by helicopter to the beautiful mountains of Glenorchy, up to two guests can enjoy for AUD $1,100 and up.

Tiny House in Victoria

Beginning at AUD $400, folks can enjoy breathtaking scenery and privacy at this tiny home. There are two units that both fit up to two people. 

Hobbit hole on North Island

Step into another world at this Hobbit hole in Otorohanga. Starting at AUD $310 a night, up to six guests can enjoy the green scenery and activities of the area.

Caboose in Queensland

Starting at AUD $230, up to two guests can stay in this unique caboose accommodation. The restored carriage from the 1800s resides in the Glass House Mountains.

Barn on the North Island

Enjoy this eco-friendly barn located in Kimbolton. For starting rate AUD $150 per night, up to six folks can quaint scenery and vast wildlife.

Safari Tent in Western Australia

Experience the height of luxury staying in one of the eight safari tents. Each tent provides its own ensuite bathroom and overlooks the glorious beaches in Broome.

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