Camping in the rain at Mollymook, NSW

Step one: Purchase marquee-sized tent online.

Step two: Book pet-friendly campsite.

Step three: Travel to Mollymook. Erect enormous tent. Attempt to manage hyperactive, free-range pets.

Cue: Rain.

This is the summary of our weekend camping trip to Mollymook, with the exception of all the fun bits; the BBQ’ed breakfasts cooked by our early-rising friends, the daytrips to neighbouring townships and the general camaraderie off being collectively damp, muddy and cold.

Camping is heaps of fun. I don’t mind trekking to the bathroom, showering with thongs on or sleeping on an airbed. I love the abundance of fresh air, the fact you can hear the outside world when you’re ‘inside’ and how cold it gets at night (provided you are in a very warm sleeping bag).

The downside was the sound of tent zips in the wee small hours of the morning. Zip. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. Ditto the sound of the Pacific Highway. Also getting up to let the dogs out of the tent for a wee and then chasing them around in the darkness trying to get them to come back inside.

Still, I think there is something super healthy about getting a bit dirty, sleeping outside and hanging out with your mates for a few days. I know this won’t be the last time The World’s Biggest Non-Circus Tent comes out to play.

Do you like camping? Where are your favourite camping spots?

7 comments on “Camping in the rain at Mollymook, NSW

  1. What I like about camping is that you have an excuse to drink beer and eat crap. Turkish delight, chocolate, fried sausages, cookies, fried eggs, Sherbet liquorice, fried tomatoes, fudge… anything goes…

  2. Lol. Yes I should have worked out how large the tent was before I purchased it. When it says it sleeps 12 people, they really mean it!

    Camping is heaps of fun and in the future I might buy a smaller tent….

  3. I love camping and haven’t done it for WAAAY too long. Me and the boyf often talk about doing a camping trek with our 2 dogs but we don’t know where we could go. Spring or Autumn are probably best – Summer’s bad for snakes and Winter’s, well, WINTER! I know you can take dogs to State Forests, but can you camp in any? Hmmm… more research needed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. No offense Em but you just described my idea of hell. If I want air I’ll go out on my balcony for a wine. I have a lovely view of the flightpath across the Inner West. It’s always nice to know exactly which airline is flying overhead..

  5. Thanks Em, your kind of camping sounds so much fun! Maybe you just need a few more people to fill out the circus-sized tent. A tent that big sounds nicely spacious actually. I’ve often been struck by the fact that when we go in search of wide, open spaces we invariably find ourselves confined and in close quarters with others (and how about those mummy sleeping bags that force you to sleep like one?!). Not that I’m complaining. Just choose your tent mates carefully is all I’m saying…

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