Five things to do in Hobart

MONA is the coolest man made thing in Australia; possibly even cooler than the Sydney Opera House
MONA is one of the coolest manmade things in Australia; possibly even cooler than the Sydney Opera House

Y’all seem to be loving Hobart (and going there in droves) so here’s a short guide to where to eat and what to see in this booming seaside outpost.

Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)
This is the single greatest contemporary art gallery in Australia, and one of the best in the world. You can catch the MONA ferry from the wharf in town so you can drink to your heart’s content. There is a winery, a wine bar, a high-end restaurant and luxury accommodation pavilions onsite, as well as a cafe and a cocktail bar inside the gallery so you won’t go hungry. Allow at least half a day as there is a lot to see (and you’re not going to want to rush).

Jackman and McCross
This is the bakery to end all bakeries. There are a couple of sites in Hobart but the best one is in Battery Point, located in smack bang in the oldest part of town. Ideal for a cosy brunch or lunch, or a place to pick up picnic snacks, you will not regret a pilgrimage to this gluten temple.

The Apple Shed
Tasmania – the apple isle – is well represented in this old packing shed-turned-cafe/bar on an orchard. Serving up local ciders and home-cooking in a rustic country setting, The Apple Shed regularly features live folk, blues and acoustic performances.

The Salamanca Markets
It’s like something from Hobbiton. All these rosy-cheeked, chunky-jumpered wilderfolk come down from the mountains to sell fresh produce, plants, art and craft. With reasonable prices for excellent quality, make sure you arrive hungry and if you are staying somewhere with a kitchen, plan to cook that night with all the goodies you picked up that morning. The markets are on the Hobart waterfront every Saturday from 8am – 3pm.

A drive up Mount Wellington
If you’re a nature nerd like me, you will find a drive up Mount Wellington – the mountain that looms above Hobart – a real treat. As you ascend, the climatic zones change and subsequently the type of plants alter. You will see Australian natives you have probably never seen before. If plants are not your thing (like 99 per cent of the world), the view from the top makes the drive worthwhile. It will probably be sleeting and windy (even in summer) so take a jumper even if it’s sunny down in town.

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3 comments on “Five things to do in Hobart

  1. Great stuff!

    Quick question for Hobart-lovers — how is the best way, if one doesn’t want to drive on advice of one’s attorneys — to get to and between wineries? I note that there are a number of goodies that seem very very close indeed to the city — can you hire someone to take you around for an afternoon?


  2. I heard about Mount Wellington a lot, I do love nature and planning to hit the road one day and end up driving there. When is the best time to visit in there? How many hour before you reach the top of the Mount Wellington by driving? I need more info about it because I a taking my kids in there. For sure, they appreciate the beauty that awaits us.

  3. Hi there!
    It will take you about 30 mins to drive to the top of Mt Wellington from Hobart so not very long at all. Best time to visit is probably spring or summer as it gets pretty cold down there. The day I was up there it was sleeting and that was in autumn. Have fun! x

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