Into the wild

into-the-wildI am on a bit of a mission to convert non-campers into tree-huggin’, outdoorsy types that eschew make-up, personal hygiene and decent coffee in a quest to make nice with Mother Nature.

Love it or hate it, camping is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and drink wine out of tin cups.

As a soft entry into this wonderful activity, the friendly people at BIG4 Holiday Parks are offering one night of free camping to all and sundry. Camping is normally pretty cheap but free? You can’t beat that.

BIG4 have what seems like gazillions of parks all over Australia. Click here to find one near you.

And remember, BIG4 is home to the legendary jumping pillow. Go for the camping. Stay for the jumping pillow.

Reserve your free powered or unpowered camping site at

2 comments on “Into the wild

  1. While I appreciate the thought of a free night’s accommodation as much as the next person, good luck with converting me to the camping lifestyle. I’m sure it’s wonderful communing with nature, and I have no problem going without make-up or coffee. I’ve even stayed in my fair share of caravan parks, and I don’t need 5 star luxury, but me and nature don’t mix. I don’t like bugs or mosquitoes, I get too easily sunburnt, and I’m such a light sleeper even the idea of having just a piece of material between me and the outside world will keep me awake, let alone the noises of any animals or other people nearby. I realise I’m probably missing out on a lot, but I figure it’s best for everyone if I leave camping to those that love it, and I’ll just stay comfortable with my bathroom and air-conditioning.

  2. I was with you right up to the part about giving up decent coffee. (Actually, I love camping and have have camped in all seasons, even Minnesota winters…x-country skiing and tobogganing in the afternoon, toasty snuggles at night. I’ve even camped in Africa! )

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